Why an Online Portfolio?

Why it is time to ditch that old traditional resume with an online portfolio…

Then vs. Now

Do you really think anyone wants to read through hundreds of boring old black and white resumes? The answer should be, no.

Here is why:

Talent: Why just write about what you can do when you can show them.

First Impression: Leave a memorable first impression, make yourself stand out from the rest.

Increased Visibility: Most people do everything online, why not increase your visibility while you are at it. Reach a larger audience faster.

Brand Identity: Show off not only who you are and what you can do but what your brand means.

Most up to Date Information: This one is simple, its quicker to update something online than update in Word then pay to have it printed. Saves time and money.

Organization: Show your future employer that you are organized from the start and not scatter brained.