Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0

Andrew McAfee first used the phrase Web 2.0.









Deferences in the web:

Web 1.0 : Readable, it is only informative.

Web 2.0: Writeable, encourages information sharing.

Web 3.0: Executable, can interpret information as if they were humans and share useful information with real users.


What are Wikis:

Websites that allow any user to edit the content of a website.












What is nomadicity:

The ability to connect users from any where that they may be.


What is a mashup?

Websites that use complimentary elements from more than one source.


2.0 controversy:

I can understand the controversy over web 2.0. It can be both useful and damaging to a company who may choose to use it. Lets take Yelp for example; Yelp users can rate restaurants and leave reviews, these ratings and reviews can either help or hurt a business. There is also no way to fact check so if someone wants to make something up they can just say anything they want. For me using 2.0 would be dependent on the type of business or company I have.